Sunday, October 19, 2014

We're on our way!

First day: Pleasanton, California to Brookings, Oregon.

The day can't be bad when it starts off with Starbucks and a road trip. We're packed and ready to cross the country. 

First stop: Bodega Bay, CA.  It's just above San Francisco. I wanted to see where The Birds was filmed. Check that one off my bucket list. 

Next stop: the Chandelier Tree in Humbolt. The coastal redwoods are amazing! You can still drive through this tree, though I understand the ones in Yosemite don't allow it anymore. These trees are worthy of "awesome".  Indeed they are all that.

A fallen tree. I'm sitting on the inside.  

Isn't this bark amazing?

Giant tree ditritus all over the place. This piece is huge! It would hold probably 20 rowers if it was a canoe.  

We wrapped up our journey at a scenic vista stop just a few miles from our destination. It was sunset at Crecent City, immediately before the Oregon border. Beautiful!  

Now we're in Oregon, settled in our beds, ready to hit the road again in the morning.  Adventures await!

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  1. You ladies are already having a dream vacation!! Love the pics and commentary :) XX


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