CY365 2014

1/25/2014 - Intense.  These fruit are intensely wrinkled!

1/22/2014 - The number 8

1/17/14 - Knobby

1/16/14 - Reserved. Fried fish for breakfast is reserved for the south, I think.

1/15/2014 - In the air. Just outside of Pensacola, FL - home of the Blue Angels.

1/12/14 - FOOTPRINTS

This is the footprint I want to leave behind: my quilts

1/10/14 (what can I say? I'm busy packing!) - A DOORWAY

1/4/14 - A LITTLE BIT

Yes you CAN have chocolate along the weight loss journey. A little bit.


My favorite sport any time of the year!

1/2/14 - GOALS

My goals pictured here are to keep up my walking routine, and to finally learn to take a decent photograph.

1/1/14 - CELEBRATE

I'm celebrating the fact that it's raining, giving me an excuse to skip walking the miles today.

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