Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Day 27 - My morning walk

I thought I'd take you along on my walk thru Pacific Grove this morning.

I love interesting trees! 

Calla lilies grow wild here, as well as all the cultivated clumps. They're everywhere.

I have no idea what this plant is, but I love it!

 I also love it in this color.

Almost all the houses have these wonderfully neat gardens that require very little water. Water conservation is a big, big thing here in California.

The houses are tiny, but adorable!

Even the businesses fit into the landscape of the town.

This is one of the "main drags" here in PG. Parking is in the middle of the street as well as along both avenues.

The most fun store (or .... "funnest", in the current slang) you'll ever visit! (Find them on Facebook - Tessuti Zoo)

The concrete whale at the museum. You can see whales offshore here.

See how tiny the houses are? Of course there are some large ones, but most are about this size.

The two-stories look bigger, but they're really just taller. So cute!!

Could you just eat up this adorable place?

Or how about a tiny little hacienda?
I've finished the "through town" part, now it's on to the beach!

See the mountains across the way?

This is "Lover's Point"

Looking back to town from the point

The tip of the point. I think you can click on the pic to enlarge. The first "thing" on the rocks is a fat squirrel. Way out is a man fishing. Yikers!

Two more guys fishing. Man they're brave!!!
Just capturing all the houses along the road.  They are all across the road from the ocean. Only 1 is on the ocean side.

There's a lot more to my walk than this, but this post is gonna be pretty big because of all these pics, so I'll leave you here at about the halfway mark and pick up again tomorrow.  Are you starting to see how easy it would be to live here? So beautiful!!! Until tomorrow .....

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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Day 25 - My Morning Walk

A beautiful walk here in Pacific Grove, CA this morning. Clear skies. Chilly and windy. But beautiful! Some eye candy for you:

Just couldn't resist this pic

Taken from the beach walk. What a house! What a view they have!

Beautiful but treacherous!

Don't slip while walking!!!!

Yep ... the walk is right along the waves and rocks

....except when it's not

Earth guts everywhere! But beautiful blue-green seas

I have always loved how the wind shapes the trees. Just as beautiful here as along the Florida coast.

I think I could have kept walking for another 2 hours! So beautiful! How I would love to live here!!!

Not much going on except sewing and classes, walking and seeing the deer. I'm trying not to go out to eat too often but there sure are some great places to eat in this tiny burg! Tomorrow I will go have a splurge breakfast at First Awakenings in Monterey (3 minutes to my right - Pebble Beach is 3 minutes to my left) - AFTER my walk!! (Hmm.... maybe I should walk after that breakfast as well!!)

Two more weeks here. Heaven! Then off to more heaven in Carmel-by-the-sea.  Ah .......

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