Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Day 10 Batavia, NY to Norfolk, MA

We've arrived!

We've reached the end of our cross-country trip and have arrived in Kathy's new home in Norfolk, MA. We traveled 4110 miles (because we didn't take a direct route), saw some amazing scenery, visited with family, and have wonderful memories of the trip.

Kathy drove the entire way and can now say she has driven across the country. Yay! Industrial strength Dramamine handle all the mountains and winding roads, so I was able to take in all the scenery and get lots of pictures of this amazingly beautiful country.

The stop in Niagara Falls was a great topper for the trip. It really is quite something, and although the foliage colors were past peak, there was still a lot of incredible color.

The last day was through upstate NY via I-90, so we saw more fall color. Again, we were too late for the reds, but there is still plenty of gold and yellow left on those mountains! (Hills?)

Both of us commented on the heighth of the trees here vs. west coast. Although both sets of mountains are covered in trees, they are short here on the east coast. The trees in the Pacific Northwest and in western Montana are huge!!! I would definitely recommend seeing them with your own eyes to appreciate their grandeur. 

It has been quite the trip! Now we will rest, unpack, and probably continue to eat too much until I head back to the southland (and heat - ugh) on Satuday.

A few random shots from our travels:

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