Friday, October 17, 2014

And away we go!

Dolores, Gale, and Nancy ready to get their quilt show on

It's opening day at PIQF and these three ladies can't wait to get started! I have so much fabric that I'll be looking mostly for interesting patterns and things that are different.

Meanwhile here are some of the quilts that caught my eye.

The above piece is a sample piece made by Judy Robertson with her fabulous hand dyes (below).
(See for more lusciousness)

There are so many wonderful quilts! Many of my Jacksonville peeps will see the traveling quilts in the Mancuso World Quilt show either in West Palm Beach or Savannah. Find a venue near you and make the time to see this show. It's one I attend every year. 

I also took some inspiration pics made from books I have.

The quilt above is just a small section so I'll remember to use my shots and stripes. The pic below is also a reminder. The quilt, made up in Kaffe shots and stripes, is really wonderful. If you have the books, break out those shots and stripes and get busy! It's worth it.

At the end of the day, Dolores and I took a look at our purchases for day one.  How'd I do?

There's also a sewing machine in the list of "things I bought today" (for my west coast sewing supply that Dolores is kind enough to house for me). Oh well. I saw lots of fabrics here that I haven't seen at home. I was inspired! USPS is gonna love me.

The show is so good that we're going back today.  I'll be there just half a day. My fellow road warrior will be picking me up so we can pack and get ready for our trek across the country.

More quilt pics tomorrow.  Thanks for stopping by!

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