Friday, July 6, 2012

Mid-Year Report Card and Goals

My NUMBER ONE post in January (1/1/12) listed my goals for the year. I said that I was bypassing the moon and shooting straight for Jupiter. So how'd I do?  In a word: FABULOUS! I have not met even one of the goals I set for myself! Why is this fabulous?  Because of what I've learned.

I've learned that I like to take a picture to document something or another, but that I'm just not that into photography. Really. And that's perfectly OK with me!  I've learned that being a non-consumer is not part of my being. There are many things I have to be strong about: buying fabric, yarn, and new clothes for a smaller me are not included in the "be strong" arena.  I've learned that the only way to de-clutter successfully is to make sure I don't add anything new to the pile. I've gotten really good at this part, and really HAVE de-cluttered A LOT so far this year. As for the quilt-of-the-week, well, that really suffered a set-back when I was traveling for 3 months - and THAT is perfectly OK with me!! The travel was just so great! Most importantly I've learned that setting outrageous, Jupiter-like goals will help me weed out what is and is not important to me.

So here it is at mid-year and I'm ready to set a new goal. FINISH! I'm going to work on finishing up the stacks-o-projects that accumulate around those of us that love to sew/quilt/stitch/journal/and-just-about-any-other-craft. Of course I certainly would not be able to finish all the stacks by the end of the year (which speaks volumes to what I have sitting around, doesn't it?) but I AM going to work on making a rather large. I'm also going to try to avoid starting anything new, which will be very hard for me. Will I make it? Stay tuned!!


Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Act of .....

I've discovered that I like "the act of" doing something. I like the act of writing when I do my Morning Pages each day. It doesn't matter that most days there's nothing but drivel in the MPs: the physical act of writing with pen and paper is enough to satisfy me.

I walk 7 miles most days now. When I started (NOT at 7 miles! just 2), it was to lose weight. Now I walk because I enjoy the act of walking. I like feeling my muscles move. I like being outside with no distractions (I'm not an outdoorsy person, but I enjoy the walks each day) (make that "most days").

I enjoy the act of making quilts. (OK not ALL the steps involved - but most of them.) It doesn't matter to me that they have no intended purpose. It's the act itself that is vital to me.

I've learned that "the act of..." is sometimes all that matters. I've stopped feeling weird that some act I do has no purpose other than the act itself.

If you're "beating yourself up" like I used to .... STOP!