Monday, October 6, 2014

So this is disturbing

I got a few more Desert Nights blocks done today.

Yesterday I mentioned that one of the batiks was "backwards" (wrong side up).  Turns out they ALL are. There is an error in the cutting instructions. Fortunately I used batiks and will be okay, but WOW!! That is a HUGE editing error! The entire pile of fabrics would have had to have been tossed had I used fabrics with a distinct right and wrong side. I can tell that I'm using the wrong side of the batiks, but it really is hard to tell the difference. Whew.  I'll continue working on these blocks - I need 64 of them - and the resulting quilt will be fine.  I will be the only one that knows it's terrible little secret.  Well .... And all of you will know. :)

Today was sewing day at my local quilts shop.  I worked on a binding.  

Still have a lot to go, but got almost to the second corner.  I took bindings instead of my machine because (a) I'm backed up on bindings again, and (b) I had to take my car to to the tire joint to remove a screw. Aargh.  But all is well now.

It's getting hot again. It was nice to have windows open for a couple of days.  Back to the air conditioner.  But right now it's time for The Blacklist so I'm outta here!

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  1. I can't tell the batiks are on the wrong side - they're beautiful!!! Good job :) XX, Dolores


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