Saturday, April 12, 2014

February 6? Seriously?

That's the last time I posted???

I've been across the country and back since then.

In my car. (6,882 miles to be exact)

With lots of stuff.

Taking quilting classes.

Oh how time gets away from us!

Saguaro National Park, Arizona  
My most-used resting place

Pacific Grove, CA. It was NOT a dark and stormy night; I was shooting into the sun.

Above and below - some of the wristlets I made along the way.

I'd never been In Oklahoma before

Big ol' crashing waves!

Neiman Marcus in Walnut Creek, CA. Great glass!

Spanish Bay boardwalk (CA)

Pacific Grove, CA

Chihuly in the Desert, Scottsdale, AZ

The site of the plane crash, Pacific Grove, CA

Kelp. Seaside, CA

The start of my piece. Gloria Loughman's class. Empty Spools 2014.

More Chihuly

More cacti. I love them!

Somewhere in Texas, where there was this weird fascination with jackrabbits. The George W Bush library was nearby.

Louisa Smith's class, Scottsdale AZ

Hangin' with my featherweight

Sedona. Oh, Sedona!

Sedona, AZ

(Random pics, just for fun).

Well, such is the life of a retiree.

Today I'm linking you to another blog - here - because her post is about using the Quick Curve ruler. If you are not familiar with it yet, get yourself to your local shop! No affiliation here, but man you can make cool stuff (so easily!) using this ruler, so I'm recommending this post.

Here's the quilt I made using this ruler. SO EASY!

I think I'm recovered from the drive now - I've only been home 9 days. Hopefully I'll post more now, but one never knows, do one? Thanks for hanging in there and taking the time to stop by.