Monday, October 6, 2014

A top finished, another begins

The Fat Quarter Fun top got finished yesterday.

I'm really glad I did the piano key border. There's so much piecing in this one that a plain ol' strip-of-fabric border would have looked rather out of place, I think.

Although I have bindings to do, I started another quilt instead. I've had it cut out for awhile. I made the first block last night to test the process.

It's paper pieced (I copied the pattern onto newsprint - so much easier to work with!), so I always have to retrain myself on how to do the Judy Neimeyer method. I did OK, with just a bit of a goof on that rightmost dark piece, but it's in the seam allowance so it will be forgiven.

I also had to test that light purple piece of fabric.  It's almost like metallic tissue and I was worried it might melt. But it was made for quilters, and it worked just fine.  I knocked the iron temperature down a hair "just in case".  

Thank you, quilting fairies, for batiks! It's really hard to tell if you've reversed a piece. Which of course I did. It will be forgiven in the overall quilt.

That's yesterday's progress.  Thanks for stopping by. 

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