Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Off to the Other Coast

Just a quick post today because I'm traveling. I managed to finish this binding while at my Monday sewing group.

I forgot to take a full shot of it, though.  I'll do that when I get home.

I'm headed to California to visit my friend Dolores, go to the PIQF quilt show, then head across the top of the country (via car) with my friend Kathy. She's moving from California to (near) Boston. I think we're going to have quite the adventure! Wish us luck and good roads!

I hope I don't go nutso when shopping at the quilt show. They are always so tempting. After getting rid of so much, I really don't want to add back again.  I'll try to be very discerning.

So I'm off! Stay tuned for quilt show and road trip adventures.

Thanks for stopping by!

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