Tuesday, September 30, 2014

A little stitching, a little cutting

Heeeeeeeeyyyyy... What's this yumminess?

The last of the carpet was installed today, so the sewing space was off limits for the majority of the day.  Instead,  I used the time to begin cutting fabrics for more quilts. I'll make two quilts with basically the same fabrics. I've already named them "For Winston Churchill" I and II.  He (Churchill) loved color and said he was "...genuinely sorry for the poor browns."  Not these browns! They are rockin' that color!  I've only gotten a decent start on the cutting; these two will take awhile to pull together. 

Meanwhile, once the sewing space was available to me again, I did a bit more stitching on the Fat Quarter fun project. Here's a sneak peek.

Two rows are a sewn together so far. Onward! This is not a race. 

Thanks for stopping by.

Monday, September 29, 2014

What's Up

Yep, I've been away. No excuses. No fanfare. Just updates.

I made this quilt, which needed 59   2 1/2" strips:

I had strips left over, so made this one, which called for 20 strips. I used one of the Peppered Cottons for the background:

I used these two patterns:

I had two quilts that I had cut out a while ago from this pattern:

I had finished the first top a few weeks ago, and put the second one together tonight. It was already cut so doesn't count against my "no duplicates" challenge.  Here are the tops:

On the design wall, the second one looked better, but looking through the camera's eye, I think the first one works a lot better. Tip if you make this one: use fabrics that mush together rather than having a strong contrast. 

My current project is from the pattern Fat Quarter Fun using 30s fabrics. Forgot to take pics of the in-process blocks so I'll post them next time.  Life is getting back to some sense of routine, so hopefully I'll be posting more often.  Thanks so much for stopping by!