Saturday, October 25, 2014

Day 7 Fairmont, MN to Northbrook, IL

(Northbrook is a Chicago 'burb)

The photos are not syncing as they should, so it could be a no-picture day unless something magical happens between the beginning and end of this post.

We are safe for Starbucks this morning! 5 in walking distance. Where! After yesterday's withdrawal, we will be able to feed our Starbucks addiction with ease.

The drive was nothing to speak of. Flat, flat, flat! I didn't expect that for some reason.  At least I'm adding states to my list of "been there". We passed through Wisconsin, so that gets added as well. The terrain did change once we got almost across Wisconsin - not so much flat. There is also still some color on the trees, although it's mostly the golds and yellows. The reds seem to have already turned to brown. 

This pic was taken in the yard of Kathy's cousins, where we spent the night. The pinks are surprising.

More tomorrow.  Thanks for stopping by.

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