Monday, October 27, 2014

Day 9 Cuyahoga Falls, OH to Batavia, NY

Today was mostly an "unplanned" day. Our first stop was Cuyahoga Falls National Park (who knew?), where we did a quick drive-thru and got our National Parks Passports stamped.  (Note, if you don't already know: if you are at least 62, you pay a one-time fee of $10 to get your senior pass, then get into all the parks for free for the rest of your life.) (also, contribute to the park system by buying a passport to keep track of where you've been.) 

Then we decided to go here:

It's quite impressive, indeed! After 8 days of mostly sitting on our keisters in the car, we actually got in a bunch of walking. It was cold and, of course, misty, but we enjoyed the visit tremendously. A great way to (almost) end the drive across the country.  Today is our last day of driving. We will arrive at Kathy's new home in Norfolk, MA.  Quite a change for her after living a bunch of years in the California climate. I expect to eat lots of "lobstah" before I fly home on Saturday. Hopefully my clothes will still fit when I'm ready to board!

What a country! Everything you could possibly imagine is here to see and discover. Beautiful! Treat yourself to a drive from coast to coast one day. You won't be disappointed!

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