Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Quilt of the Week - Week 3

I'm so busy these days that I forget to blog! I love that!

Here's the big reveal:

This is a basic "goose in the cabin" layout using a Bali Pop (Cappucino) (have you ever met a batik you didn't like???) and some of my hand dyes. I love to dye fabric - you never know what the results are until it's been washed and ironed. I don't dye often (boy, that sounds weird when read out loud!) but when I do, I'll do 30 or 40 yards - in half-yard pieces.  Once I drag out all the stuff needed for fabric dyeing, I figure I may as well "use it hard" before putting it back away again.  Of course the problem with that is the rinsing, washing, and ironing of all those pieces.  Still .. the results are always worth it!

Here are a couple of close ups: you can see the wonderful mottle-y-ness of the hand dyes. Yum!

See that teeny little stripey inner border? I've used that on a couple of quilts lately and it's soooo effective. The only problem is cutting it. The pattern makes your eyes go crazy! It's one of those fabrics I've had for years and years: I guess it finally aged enough to be used (fabric IS like fine wine, you know! It needs to age!)

Most of the quilts I make are made simply for the joy of making them - no plan for their final place in the Universe. But occasionally one speaks to me while it's being made. This is one of those, and it said it wanted to live in ________'s house - so it shall!  As soon as it gets to its new owner, I'll fill in that blank for you.

Gosh, retirement is awesome!!!!!!!! Thanks for stopping by!

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