Tuesday, January 3, 2012

And running around was done by all .....

Busy day running! Passport stuff. Groceries. Guild. I'm  just making it in under the wire!

The walk this morning was .. ahem ... brisk (isn't that kind?) I couldn't get that 7th mile in - had to turn around at the 3 mile mark. Still - 6 miles is excellent! I'm thinking surely I MUST have burned more fat because it was so cold, right? Right???? Tomorrow morning is suppose to be colder ... yikes.

I didn't get all the big 9-patches done today, but did manage to do 10 (16 total are needed).

 I "unmatched" the fabrics and mixed it up, hoping to spread the drastic purple-love around the quilt. I think I can catch up on the other 6 blocks tomorrow. Boy, that top left block stands out like the inside of your cheek right after you bite it, doesn't it? There's more dark to come, but I dunno .....I'm not liking what I see right now.

The photo prompt today is "lunch". Oops. I should've read the prompt earlier. I ate it. So here's dinner. Ribs for lunch - really I wasn't hungry this evening, so just tossed down these couple of sweeties to get some C for the day.

Same pic with the cherry pop flash (yea, more Hipsta fun)

Everything else is moving right along. A kinda boring day here on the ranch. Hope I didn't put you to sleep!

Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. Gale, I'm with you on the dark purple block in the quilt. Too dark. No color delineation. But I think you have the same problem with the middle block on the right only in the medium range. Very close in value. What if you just took the two blocks apart and switched the lights?


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