Wednesday, January 18, 2012

QOTW - Week 2

So much for my efforts to blog every day. Seriously - my life is not all that interesting that there would be daily news! I finished this quilt last week:

I'm just about finished with the blocks for this week's project.  I'm trying to get a few quilts "ahead" so I'll have some in reserve while I travel around the US. I'll definitely be sewing "on the road" but am not so sure I'll be getting in enough sewing time each week to make a quilt, so ...  "spares-r-us" for the next couple of weeks. (Maybe I shouldn't tell you the get-ahead plans and instead let you think I'm a perfect time manager that can sew a quilt a week AND travel 7000 miles.) (well - 7000 miles so far. I keep adding to this up-coming trip; who knows when I'll decide to come home?)

The dudes are still siding. Just one more day of pounding - but not today: there will be rain soon. All the STUFF is off the walls and mantle so it will be nice to put the house back together again once the vibrations of the nail guns have stopped. (I did have a massive book slide in my knitting closet ... whoops.)

So that's all that's going on. Home improvements (much needed, rather than serious add-ons). Sewing. Trip planning (I DO love to drive!) The photo taking sort of fizzled out - I never was much of a presentation-oriented person. The pic above is enough for me to capture the quilt even though it's wonky and weird. One of these days "take better photos" will get to the top of "The List"!

And that's it for me. I hope your days are exciting and eventful, and thanks for stopping by!

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