Wednesday, January 4, 2012

That dang quilt is STILL ugly!

The quilt. The purple quilt. The not-very-pretty purple quilt.  The quilt is not turning out well. So "not well", in fact, that I couldn't even bring myself to take a picture of today's progress. The top needs 2 more seams for the inside to be done, then I'll add borders. I sure hope that helps! Chances are pretty good that it won't, but here's what I know: it's a good quilt for studying "what went wrong"'s a quilt that will be donated..someone will love this quilt because it's a quilt and will not have angst over the imbalance within it's borders. So the quilt will continue it's journey to completed-quiltdom.

Here's a pic to distract you from the sad purple quilt:

They're still gorgeous, even after all the freezing.

Today's photo prompt was "texture". I tried tiles, towels, and a few other things. I finally settled on the house siding (which is being replaced next week). Taken with my camera this time (not the phone) -

I took a bunch of pics after it got dark. I think I've found a new "thing"! I love the way the pics look with no background distraction. (The lemons made it through the 2 nights of hard-freeze.... yay!)

Decluttering continued today with the CDs. Whoo-wee, there was a pile-o-dust on some of those! While decluttering, I put more of them into iTunes. Eventually I'll have all my CDs copied. It's a hit or miss project - not something that's a high priority to me.

I did blow off the walk this morning - I was too cold! I walk most days and have no angst about the days I decide to skip it. I also got a bunch more stuff listed on Freecycle.  I tried a new recipe I found in  Pinterest - roasted brussels sprouts. They were very yummy!

And that was my day. I will post a pic of the quilt once it has borders.  It is, after all, my quilt-of-the-week for this week.

Thanks for stopping by.

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