Thursday, January 12, 2012

Wait ... What happened?

Two days of no blogging???  So much for the 2012 goal of blogging every day! Well - it's a goal, not a mandate. Tuesday I fell asleep on the floor while stretching the kinks out of my back. Carpet. Padding. Concrete. Definitely not the most comfortable place to sleep - I must've been awfully tired! Wednesday - I simply forgot I was suppose to blog!  So here I am on Thursday!

So where was I? Oh yes. The top is together, waiting for borders/backing/binding. The house is still being ripped apart at the seams, but is looking good! Nothing like a nail gun going all day to keep you awake!

Yesterday I spent the vast majority of the day planning travel - California/Seattle, and France/Italy. That was fun! I'm going to dive into Rosetta Stone Italian and see if I can converse while we're there. Anybody know anyone I can practice with? If I pick up Italian OK, I'll give French a try.

So I've been listening to music (rather than books) on my walk for the last few days and wow did my time decrease! I went from 2:20 for 7 miles to just under 2 hours!!! I'm amazed! (and happy). I thought I was walking faster, but was shocked to see how much faster. So I went from a 20 minute mile to a 17 minute mile just by changing what I listen to. Lesson learned!

And that's pretty much what I've been up to! Thanks for stopping by!

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