Saturday, January 7, 2012

Will I make it?

I gotta write fast to get posted before midnight! Still in my theater clothes as I write. Went to "Wicked" tonight and didn't know it was so long. Yikes! Really good show, though. The Wicked Witch was very teary-eyed during the ovations at the end; how moving!

Fortunately there's not much to write about today because all I did was sew. The whole day.  It was wonderful! It was raining this morning, then kinda gloomy most of the day with occasional bursts of sun - a perfect day to sew and listen to music. I'm replenishing my music supply, keeping iTunes in business for this month! I really HAVE enjoyed listening to my music again.

Nothing else was accomplished today. No decluttering. No pictures. No sketching. Zilch. I stayed with my favorite hobby and enjoyed the heck out of it. And that was my day!

Thanks for stopping by!

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