Monday, February 6, 2012


I got some feedback this weekend that I don't post often enough. Well, you're right! In fact I have not posted the quilt-of-the-week for 2 weeks!! So I promise to do better.

Here are the quilts for the last 2 weeks:

This one really "mushes" in the pic, but not so much "in person". This is one of my go-to quilts when I need something fast. I can put this top together in an afternoon. I've named it "Big Block".
Here's a close-up:

This is another "5 & 10"; also a good quilt for something needed in a hurry.

One reason for my bad case of blog-neglect was the Honeybee Retreat, held last week/weekend. We had a blast!! 83 ladies sewing, learning, eating and laughing. SO MUCH FUN!!!!! I hope you'll consider joining us next year!!

I leave for my extended road trip (4 months!!!!) in 4 weeks. Wow! I'm very excited, and pretty well planned, but still ... the reality of a 4-month road trip is daunting! I need everything in my house!! How will I ever pare down?

Here's a great resource for what size to cut setting triangles. I needed this for a quilt that's on my mind. I love the internet! I can find ANYTHING there!!! And speaking of anything ... here are a couple of "pins" (from Pinterest) that I found interesting.  Which kind of quilter are you?

(Find the original source here)

(original source here)

I'm BOTH kinds of quilter .... I think both these ways are totally fun!

I promise (Donna!!) to do better at posting, because I really DO appreciate that you take the time to visit here!!!!

Thanks for stopping by!!!!


  1. Hi, Gale. Lovely quilts with lovely fabrics. I especially liked the quilt in your previous post--very subtle combination of colors and an interesting design.
    best from Tunisia,


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