Friday, January 6, 2012

Friday notes - nothing interesting

I'm so tired tonight that I wasn't sure I'd have the energy to write a post! I have been sewing and listening to music all day. There was a really TERRIFIC Sade CD - old - that I found hidden in the dust bunnies the other day when I decluttered there. It is most certainly among the best music of my listening day. The second best was (ready for this?) Englebert. (Humperdink. Remember him?) Funny how some of these old CDs are still just as enjoyable today.

I'm working on another quilt already. No pics till next week though: sneak peeks r-not-us!!

Only 6 days into the new year and I'm already discovering which of my new goals/resolutions are interesting to me and which are going to get tossed. In my Morning Pages I wrote "it's a goal, not a mandate" - remember that, everyone! Tossing goals with no remorse is also one of the good things about getting older. Realizing that there's a whole lot more time behind me than there is ahead of me is very freeing, so when you see me stopping some of my goals you'll know why; not enough time to keep doing  things I'm not passionate about.

I'm still passionate about "gettin' ridda stuff", though. I'm finding myself replacing a lot of the daily tasks on the 'official' declutter calendar with tasks of my own because the task of the day is either already done, or is not applicable to my household. This works! I had already decluttered the kitchen cabinets and have a "donation station", so I've been replacing those kind of tasks. It really does feel great to get rid of stuff that bogs down your brain just because you know it's there.

And I'm incredibly passionate about quilting. I envisioned retirement as follows: wake up "whenever", have coffee while I do my Morning Pages, go downstairs to sew and sew till it's time to go to bed. (Yes, I enjoy it that much!). Reality, of course, is drastically different and I find I have only a few hours to sew on any given day. Of course this is a lot more than I had when I was working, so that's a good thing.

So for another week or so, I'll continue to see if the passionate parts develop as they have this past week, then I'll make some tweaks to my 2012 goals/resolutions list. Life is good!

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