Monday, January 2, 2012

Gettin' ridda StUFF

Wow, what a day! Stuff flew outta my house like cats running away from a sprinkler! I put a bunch of big items up on Freecycle and they were picked up today. I had other stuff for friends, and delivered all of that. So much room in my house now! (More room for fabric!!!!!) (kidding!)

All the plants had to be covered or brought in - hard freeze in northeast Florida tonight. I have two humongo ponderosa lemons still green and growing, so I covered the tree (bush) well and will hope for the best.

My sewing day consisted of finishing all the small 9-patches for the purple quilt I posted yesterday.

Wowza, the purple is so dark you can hardly tell it's purple! I listened to a bunch of good music while sewing - Lou Rawls, Johnny Mathis, Mariah Carey - old stuff, but great stuff! Before I knew it, all those little 9-patches were done - all 80 of 'em. Sometimes I forget how music can move me. Tomorrow I work on the bigger 9-patches (shown above, unsewn).

The photo prompt for today is "light": here's what I chose. (all taken with the phone).

Looking down at the candle - I think this looks cool!

Plain ol' lens

Plain ol' lens

Hipstamatic Roboto Glimmer Lens
 Hipstamatic Lucifer 6 Lens

I seriously wanted to photograph Luke Skywalker's light saber, but since I'm not consuming - and I don't know anyone with one laying around - I went for this "light" instead. I guess that means I won't be photo'ing Darth Vader for the "dark" prompt, either, but that tells you how my mind works. I also thought of Lord Voldemort and Harry Potter, but don't you think Dumbledore would better represent "light" than would Harry?

I almost - ALMOST- bought a Noro knitting book from Amazon but caught myself before proceeding to check-out. Cheesus, it would've been pretty funny if the un-consumer part of my resolve pooped out after only one day! And seriously, I already have more knitting books than I'll use (of course that has nothing to do with the price of eggs....)

The decluttering calendar is current (and then some, after today!). It's really so easy just doing one small task each day. Who knew? Of course it's been exactly 2 days. By the end of day 3 I may weaken!

Yummy steak for dinner. 6 minutes on the George (Forman Grill - too cold to cook out!). I love good meals that can be prepared fast.

So that was the day for Star Date -311004.87. How was yours?

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