Thursday, January 2, 2014

Therapy Sewing

Just another "living life" day. It rained all day again (sure beats the heck out of shoveling snow, though!), so I had time to play.  Sometimes I don't want to work on any specific project, so I sit down for a little therapy sewing. I decided to make some 16-patches for the Parts Department. (When quilting, one can never have too many parts waiting for just the right project!!)

Start with some 1.5" strips, about 8" long. Sew them together into groups of 4.

Now chop 'em up again, back into 1.5" strips.

Put those pieces into groups of 4, then put 'em back together again.

Yes, quilters are crazy. We take perfectly good pieces of fabric, cut them up into little pieces, rearrange them, then sew them back into big pieces of fabric. But hey, it's great therapy!

The photo of the day has been added on the CY365 tab.

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  1. Love your idea for the scrappy look.... Yes, we are crazy - but in a lovely, creative way! Happy New Year!


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