Thursday, January 16, 2014

GRT2014 Day 2 - Biloxi MS to Winnie TX

(and again I didn't bring the mileage numbers inside. About 380 today)
WARNING! Parts of this post are rated X!

No pics today (except of my breakfast, at Beau Rivage, for the "capture your 365" daily photo). I just drove. All images include here are courtesy of the Magic Google Machine.  I'm on I-10, which just about speaks for itself. (Oh, stop yawning!) There is, however, the Atchafalaya basin drive, which is rather interesting. I think, though, it was much drier than it was the last time I made the drive. It's kind of amazing driving a roadway through water. A totally different feel from your basic, every day bridge.

imgres.jpg  imgres.jpg

 imgres.jpg  imgres.jpg

This was also Big Muddy day - crossing the mighty Mississippi.


The call letters on TV and radio change from Wxxx to Kxxx once your on the other side.  Last time I crossed, she was all gnarly and churning. Today she was as smooth as, well, a river. That sucker sure is muddy, though. Of course I'm down here at the delta end. One of these days I'll have to take a drive up to the other end and see if it's muddy up there. I took the I-12 way around, so missed NOLA completely. Probably just as well, as I may have been tempted to take a little stroll down Bourbon Street. And we all know that one cannot continue to drive after one of those strolls!

imgres.jpg   imgres.jpg

imgres.jpg  daiquiri, anyone? name your pleasure!

imgres.jpg  I bet he got a LOT of beads! Guess we know what's under the kilt now!!!!!

Still in the central time zone. Probably won't get to mountain time till Sunday, when I finally get OUT of Texas. Gads, this state is HUGE. The year I took I-10 all the way home from California (aaaaaaaa .... run for your life!), I realized that Texas alone was 1/3 of my trip. I-10 is 880 miles through Texas - most of it the same color as the Mississippi! I am NOT taking that route tomorrow! I head toward Dallas to see my friend Vicky.

After I got past Atchafalaya, the landscape started to change. I went from the canopy/tunnel of trees that is representative of our swampy part of the country to wide open expanses of dry. The western-most part of Louisiana reminds me of Texas. I am a water baby; once it turns dry and brown, I get restless. Ah well. Only another 2000 miles! (No, really only about 1800.) (HA!)

I am now parked in Winnie, Texas for the evening. At the anti-Beau Rivage. I took a chance and ended up in a really cheesy place. I checked for bedbugs before I decided to stay, though. It's icky, but only for a few hours. At least they have free wi-fi. The Universe is in balance. Winning the cost of my room last night, losing to this crappy room tonight. I can live with that!


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