Friday, January 24, 2014

Day 9 - Sedona. It's beautiful beyond description.

Today I'm still goofing off in Sedona. There was much shopping to be done, of course, and plenty of good food to try. I even got daring:

Buffalo (meat, not style) chili


I took one of the Pink Jeep tours today - the one to the vortex areas. I think I will need to go back to one of those areas: there wasn't an opportunity to be silent and see what happened. So far, I'm planning to be back in Sedona after my class next week. Maybe I'll have the opportunity then.

The tour offered amazing views!

We did some 4-wheeling to get to some of the places, and a short hike over this rocky terrain. You can sure tell that you're not at sea-level anymore! There was no struggle, but we were all huffing and puffing in the thinner air. The views were well worth it, though.

It was the coldest day of my visit, and the wind was really blowing. For me, that made for a comfortable ride: I'd much rather be cold and bundled up (blankets are provided in the jeeps) than hot.

There's so much to see here! I wonder what Friday will bring?

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