Wednesday, January 22, 2014

GRT2014 Day 8 - Sedona, AZ

Today was a lazy day of rest. I went out for breakfast - my favorite meal of the day - to The Coffee Pot.  They serve 101 different kind of omelets. I had guacamole & sour cream. It was meh. Awakenings, in Monterey, CA, does a much better job with that type of omelet. I met an interesting couple from New Jersey, though. They were sitting behind me, discussing the latest Florida shooting (in the theater. over texting. really?) and commented that they sure wouldn't want to live in Florida. I turned and told them it wasn't easy! We had a nice chat after that.

That was the extent of my day. I enjoyed the views, took a nap, sewed, decided I didn't like what I was making, started something else. Just a fun, lazy day. I suspect tomorrow will be quite different.

The weather here is unbelievable! So "warm" for this time of year. Probably high 60s. Just beautiful! I had the sliding doors open till the sun set.

Speaking of the sunset ......  I took a pic every 5 minutes as the sun went down.

And the buildings below welcome dusk (one with flash, one without)

Hey, I can't have excitement EVERY day! I'd be exhausted!

Thanks for stopping by.

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