Sunday, January 12, 2014

A Little Sewing Time Today

I'm trying to get this top done before I leave for GRT2014 on Wednesday. 

 It's ready for borders, then it will be a top. Right now it's 60" x 70". It'll go to the new Children's Ranch, so it needs to be a bit longer.  The borders will fix that.  

This is another go-to pattern for me. It was a freebie, and makes up really nicely when utility quilts are needed.

Other than this bit of sewing, the day was filled with packing, cooking, getting the cargo carrier onto the car, loading stuff into the car.... You know ..... Getting-ready-to-travel stuff. I'm feeling pretty excited! Stay tuned for travel adventures.

Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. hello Sweetie!!! Did you know you are a no-reply commenter? That means when you leave me a comment on my blog...I cant respond to you...It comes up then I have to take the extra time to find your blog and leave a comment here. Just saying that is why I have not responded to any of your comments. You can change that in your profile somewhere. So, I wanted to say...thanks for stopping by my blog the last several times. And If you are coming to Scottsdale..please look me up. I would love to have you over to play or have lunch. Much love- Sandie


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