Tuesday, January 21, 2014

GRT2014 Day 6 - Wilcox, AZ to Maricopa, AZ

(with a side trip to Saguaro National Park)

No idea how many miles today. Not a whole lot. Maybe 200.

I'm in Maricopa to see my youngest brother. I've had a lovely visit with him and his lady friend. She's a terrific cook, and keeps a lovely home! Tomorrow I head to Sedona for a few days of rest, and to see what kind of spooky things I can discover, what with all the vortexes and stuff. I may do a few desert tours while I'm there.

I stopped at Saguaro National Park today. I finally bought my senior citizen's pass. Did you know that you pay one fee of $10 then you get into all the parks for free after that? Just a one time pay. You also get into all kinds of other attractions free. Nice to get some perks like this after living for a lot of years, huh?

The Saguaros are the cacti most of us tend to think of when we think of the desert. They show up in all the cartoons, etc. In fact, the Saguaros are quite finicky and only grow in a small region of the country. But man are they impressive!

Here's just a bit of what I saw today.

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