Saturday, January 18, 2014

GRT2014 Day 3 - Winnie, TX to Haltom City, TX

About 310 miles. About 1100 total. Yea, yea. One of these days I'll remember to bring the numbers inside with me.

It started out like the other two. A beautiful clear day, great for driving. I took the windy road up, which is a 2-lane truck route (speed limit 75). The scenery (such as it is) is better than from an interstate. Such a great drive!

Then this happened

Hash tag uh oh!

These are run flat tires, so I took a chance and kept going. I stopped for air once, but managed to make it the 150 miles to Haltom City. My sweet friend Vicky had already called the Toyota dealer & told them of my little bump in the trip.  Even though I didn't get here until almost 5:00 on a Friday night, the dealer took me right in. Two hours later I had 4 new tires and am ready for tomorrow's leg of the journey.  

I had figured I'd need new tires somewhere in California, so this wasn't a huge disruption to the financial aspect of the plans. It wasn't even a disruption, come to think of it.  Just a couple of hours of angst about whether the tire would hold up till I made it here. If you're gonna have car challenges, this is the way to have them.

I really did enjoy the scenic drive. There are moments when you wonder if you'll ever see another gas station or find a place to pee, and you KNOW you won't see a Starbucks for awhile. But there were plenty of trucks on the road, so I never felt totally creeped out and isolated. And I made sure I didn't drink too much!

Tonight I am at Vicky's, after enjoying some yummy Texas barbecue. We're doing what people do these days - each of us sitting with our computers and our phones, catching up on STUFF. We occasionally speak to each other. HAHAHA!!

Tomorrow I head to Midland. I've not taken I-20 through Texas before, so this will all be new scenery for me. Maybe I'll get to take some pictures!!!

Now off to bed to rest up for tomorrow's leg.

Thanks for stopping by!

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