Friday, January 24, 2014

GRT2014 Day 10 - Sedona

This is my last day in Sedona. At least for now. I walked around a lot, looked at all the interesting funky shops, took in the local color.  There is a guy everyone calls Doc. He wears cowboy gear, including boots, spurs (you hear him coming for blocks), and a long black coat. You expect him to say "I'm the law here, ma'am".  Instead, every morning he walks into every shop/store and tells whoever is working to have a nice day. Every evening, he makes his rounds again, wishing everyone a pleasant evening. I didn't think to take a pic, but I'll get him next time (and there WILL be a next time).

My ultimate thought on Sedona? There's something magical about this place. Do your best to visit at least once in your life.

Elsewhere..... Remember these little quick zip bags we made?

I had made them in lots of sizes ...

... and threw some in the suitcase in case I needed them along the way. Well let me say that these are about the best organizers I've ever used! By day 3 I had used all those I'd brought with me, so I made a quick dash into Hancock's (while visiting Vicky in Haltom City), and now I've made 4 more super-sized ones:

Boy are they great! Quilting projects. Dirty socks, etc., (I didn't want to say undies). Things that roll around the suitcase.  They've become my new favorite thing for traveling.  

I also used separating zippers on these because that's the only kind there was in the big (24" and 28") sizes. Wow, did that ever make it easier to sew these babies! 

Suddenly I see all kinds of uses for these quickie bags!

I head back down the hills tomorrow to Scottsdale for a week of quilting class. Oh yay! Stay tuned to see what happens in class, because I never know!

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