Thursday, March 8, 2012


"California 2012: Facing my Fears" kicks off in just a couple of hours. Lawrence (the ever-droll Navi system) and Leroy the Decoy (faithful "fake them out" travel companion) are ready! I won't be relying on Lawrence so much this year, though. I'm armed with Rand McNally (the "large print" version) and Google Maps - I can conquer anything! (except icy roads. ugh) My plan is to come home sometime in late June but one of the nice things about driving is that I can change my mind - multiple times.

The car isn't as packed this year. I learned a lot from the extended travel last year AND I bought a cargo carrier (HA!!) (Oh yea - and I lost 75 pounds. My gas mileage should improve!!) I got some cheap-o storage cubes from Target and have packed things like exercise clothes, shoes, undies in those cubbies. It worked out really well!  I can easily grab what I need for overnight rather than having to shlep suitcases full of this stuff.  Most of the stuff in the cargo carrier won't be needed until I get to California, so I shouldn't have to be up there for awhile.

Packing the carrier was quite an experience! Since I'm traveling on my own, I have to be able to get stuff in, out, and stabilized on my own. It was quite the trick to get the strapping down! I should know within my first few miles on the road whether or not I have everything secure up there.

As happened last year, the gas prices have been creeping up. (Creeping, my Aunt Fanny! They're sprinting!) I did a post on this last year so I won't repeat this year. I find it funny, not annoying.

I'm taking a number of "scenic routes" this time - the first one is today. Having made the drive last year, I now want to see more of the "off the beaten path" stuff. Hopefully I'll have the opportunity to stop and take pictures. I'll by trying for oodles of pics this year!

Why "Facing my Fears"? There are a number of things along the way that are scary to me. Big mountains. The PCH (Pacific Coast Highway). Bears at Yellowstone. But what the heck ... being afraid doesn't mean you have to stop: it just means you're afraid. (I snagged that quote years ago but can't remember who to attribute it to, if anyone. Maybe Anonymous.) So .... I'll be afraid, but I'll keep going. The car didn't slide down - or fall off - any mountains last year. The odds are in my favor that I won't fall off the PCH into the Pacific. So - shaky belly or not, I'm facing the fears!

So wish me luck and fun, and leave me comments as I travel so I'll still feel in touch with you. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Have fun and a safe trip Gale
    Cheryl M.

  2. My prayers are certainly with ya girl...Have a blast!!

  3. this is kind of a anonymous means you have no idea who made the comment so let me try something else....

  4. I think I have it now...later


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