Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Day 20 - Pacific Grove, CA

Actually I've been here since Sunday (day 18). The drive south from San Ramon to here is another spectacular one. If you have never been the Central Coast California, you cannot imagine the beauty you see here. Lush green rolling hills everywhere - with the occasional cow (how do they keep their balance up there??). It's indescribably beautiful.

Now I am in the middle of the first quilting class here at Asilomar Conference grounds, thoroughly enjoying myself. The grounds are on the Pacific, on the Monterey peninsula. More spectacular scenery. Every day!

My journey so far: jacksonville to pacific grove  Miles traveled: 3029  Gas costs so far: unknown!!!! (but worth every penny).

I'm in Pacific Grove until April 13. I'll keep you posted on my class projects, the deer roaming around, and anything else that might be interesting.  I just started reading "The Hunger Games" (there's no TV here - it's very restful.) I just have to know what all the buzz is about, so I'm off to read a little more. Till the next time ....

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