Sunday, March 11, 2012

FMF Day 4 - Haltom City, TX

Just a little west of Dallas. Honest it feels like these 4 days have been spent just getting to the starting point because the east is so familiar to me. But now I'm in Texas and ready to see some unfamiliar stuff.

The journey to date. About 1125 miles (I forgot to write it down).

That I made it here safely is really saying something today, I tell ya! It stormed till about the last 20 miles. I thought about pulling into a hotel and not driving anymore until tomorrow but I'm staying at my friend Vicky's tonight and didn't want to miss it.

I can't tell you much about Texas because all I saw was windshield wipers most of the way. It's not flat, though!

It's nice to be able to stay with friends along the way. This is it till California. Hotels from here on out, baby! But hey! Look what I found hiding amongst all the stuff in my car!

Hello, gorgeous!

and o u sweet thing

what might these grow up to be?
I don't know - but here's a little tickler

Well - I had to show you something other than rain! (And I don't have a pic of the semi that went fishtailing in front of me on the way here. That'll get your adrenalin up!) But so far so good. It's been fun catching up today, and now tomorrow the trip takes on a little more excitement.  See you then!

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  1. Hey Gale,first time i looked at your blog. I love the color's be safe and enjoy your journey, it sounds like fun and adventures!!!!

  2. If your in Texas you must be stayin with Vicky T. Geez, your drive today sounds just terrible. It's bad enough driving in rain on familiar grounds but on the unfamiliar it's even worse.

    I'll say bye for now and come back tomorrow to see where your taking me...lets see something really great ok!!!

    Still praying for safe travels for ya....those little angels can fly faster and keep ahead of you to move the trouble out of the way ya know...Have fun girlie.


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