Friday, March 9, 2012

FMF Day 2 - Slidell, Louisiana

Oy. The drive today was as boring as the day before was exciting! And it rained. Fortunately it was also brief. There is absolutely nothing interesting to tell you.

OK maybe a couple of things. I finished my drive out of Destin on US98. The last part of Destin is really beachy-beachy-beachy. Sort of like old St. Augie, with kinda sugar-shack looking buildings.  Suddenly there arises this monstrosity! I'm talking turrets and all kinds of stuff; I half-expected to see gargoyles! Turns out it's a condo building, right there on the beach, right in the middle of all the sugar shacks. Talk about not fitting in!

The next town was Mary Esther. So cute! I saw a motel there that consisted of lots of little pink out-buildings. I thought "Wow! What a perfect spot for the Old Quilters Retirement Home."  Then I wandered through the beautiful white-sand beaches of the panhandle. Gosh they're gorgeous! The sand is so white it looks like snow.

Then ... alas ... I was back on interstate with nothing but bleh. Such is the nature of traveling by car if you want to go more than 45 mph.

Now, though, I'm safely here in Slidell with a friend from childhood. Some of my BK Classmates may remember him, even though he was a few years (3) before us:

Good ol' Gontran (Celerier) was kind enough to let me stay at his house tonight. I was sort of hoping we'd hop over to NOLA for the evening, but hey - I'm the guest!! And I don't think I have the energy  in me, anyway.  So instead we're talking politics (he's Republican; how do you think this conversation is going?) then headed up to his local hang-out for fish and beer.   Well one of us is having beer; the other one of us is the designated driver (yes that would be ME!).  At least the end of the day won't be boring!

That's my uneventful day! But so nice to see an old friend! I'm trying my best to convert him to liberal thinking. Tune in tomorrow to see where I land!

The drive so far is here:

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  1. Gontran better drink a few more beers than usual to dull the pain of you beatin up on him over politics...he's not gonna know what hit him. Sorry your drive was so boring and it rained on ya but hey that'll make you appreciate the beauty your bound to run in down the road. We do have a beautiful country don't we.

    Gods speed and protection be with ya girlie.

  2. What a treat...I get to take a trip with least in your blog! Darn tho that you didn't get to NOLA this travels my friend - I'll keep watchin' :)


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