Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Day 7 - Still in Santa Fe, NM

Fun day! It's nice to have a day off from driving. I walked all over the place today! Another GORGEOUS day here!

If in Santa Fe, one must go here:

So I did (senior discount - yes!!!). I got sad, though, after watching the movie about her. She wanted to paint abstracts, but was criticized for it, so she started painting real things - even though it wasn't her passion. It made me sad to look at the pears knowing that she didn't love painting them.

I managed to immerse myself in art today, though - it was wonderful!!!! All kinds of art! What a nice way treat for a day!

Guess what else I stumbled upon?
Woo Hoo! More "Route 66" credits!

At the end of the day I even managed to get in a little quality time with my sewing machine. Pretty good day, huh?

And .... the pottery won! I was too weak to resist. Welcome to my home, lovelies!!!

Tomorrow it's farewell to New Mexico and off to the next stop! Where will it be???? Tune in tomorrow!

Thanks for stopping by!

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