Saturday, March 17, 2012

FMF Day 10 - Las Vegas, NV

Ahhhh. Settled for the next 4 days. My car is with the valet dudes and I hope I don't see it till I leave here on Wednesday.

I have no pictures for you today, but I can tell you that the drive from Flagstaff to Kingman, AZ is pretty dang awesome.  Driving through the Rockies is quite the experience. It seems your breath is taken away around just about every curve. Go to this post for a short video of the scenery (from last year). You can also see a short vid of my room here at Encore (thanks again, Mr. Wynn!!) in that same post. My view is not as great as last year, but I'm really happy anyway!

I did see a herd of deer hanging out on the side of a mountain today. Probably about 20 of them, just hangin' ... playin' ... havin' a snack. That was rather cool!

Here's the trip so far. About 250 miles today (again I forgot to write it down), so somewhere around 2350 so far. I can tell you this: you can't really imagine the beauty of the Rockies unless you drive in them. Sooo beautiful! And a camera wouldn't be able to take it all in, anyway. There's too much grandeur. Sort of like the Grand Canyon. Yea, I can take pics and show them to you - but there's no grasping the enormity until you see it. (Still ... I'm enjoying the sharing!!)

I thought I might get in some nice long walks while I was here, but not with the weather. Wow is it ever yucky! But I'm so glad I got away from Flagstaff before the snow. (That's why I had to cut my Santa Fe trip short by a day: saw that forecast, wanted to get in the Grand Canyon tour, so had to bug out of SF to meet the schedule.) I guess I'll have to just hang in the casino. Or the room. Or the spa. Or one of the many restaurants. Or shop. Or ..... well, you get the idea!

My day is great so far! Happy St. Patty's to you all and thanks for stopping by!!

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