Monday, March 12, 2012

FMF Day 5 - Amarillo, TX

Home of the Cadillac Ranch!

 I will be visiting there in the morning. Meanwhile here's a little trivia for you if you're interested.
the wiki link
wiki info about Stanley Marsh 3, the man behind some way-fun art here in Amarillo

The drive today was as gorgeous as yesterday was yucky (although Lawrence got me lost again. iPad to the rescue!!) Beautiful blue skies - I could see for miles. Unlike "east of the Mississippi", where the roads are lined with trees, I'm now riding through tree-sparsity, which is why I could see so far.  There's so little development on this route! I went 200 miles without cell service. That was a little disconcerting! (It's also a long long way between rest stops!)

The map of the journey so far is here:  j-ville to amarillo  Mileage today:  332  Total so far:  1464

Random thoughts along the drive:

I saw an interesting billboard - "Jacksonville, Texas. Life starts here." Alrighty then! I guess THAT question is answered!!

I passed the Bureau of Engraving and Printing. No I didn't stop to see if they were giving out free samples.

Oil wells populated the route! The first of many (I remember seeing them in Bakersfield, CA last year). They still remind me of huge Praying Manti. I was curious how they worked. I found this: oil pumps. (Google: a reason to say "yaaaay"!)

Texas - the land of the dead skunks.

Why are there donkeys in the fields with the steer? (Answer: they are guard donkeys. Imagine that!)

I passed through a peach ranch. That surprised me - I didn't know Texas grew peaches. (Or grapes, but there are wineries here, too.)

I passed a giant pasture/field with a lone big-ass bull with big-ass horns. Man, I'm thinking he thinks he is Stud Muffin King!

And that was my day! Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Well I'll be dang....I would never have guessed what the underside of a caddy would look like...Can't wait to see what else you find after your visit...thanks for takin me there...continue on safely.

  2. glad you made it safely! The Money Plant doesn't share! Texas has wonderful peaches and the Texas Sweet is almost as good as the Vidalia. Glad the drive was better today. It was so great seeing you and to spend time with you. Please come again....after all, you haven't seen the dinosaur footprints.


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