Monday, March 19, 2012

Day 11 - Still in Vegas

Still hanging out in Vegas. Sunday brunch at the Wynn - yummo. The was a major computer problem here today. It was funny at first but now I feel soooo bad for the Wynn and their IT staff. The slots won't cash out and are crashing like mad. Hotel registration is chaos. Nothing can be charged to your room and EVERYTHING is charged to your room here. Some phones don't work. Some room keys don't work. Communication between the pit and the tables is impossible. It's really a mess and was still not fixed last time I checked. There's humor, then there's a nightmare; this turned into a nightmare for them. I can't imagine what its's costing them in gaming, shopping and restaurant traffic. On a good note, it didn't rain here in LV proper, but stormed like crazy in the mountains. It was a spectacular sight to watch the storms roll thru as I watched from my hotel window. I'm on the 34th floor so have a great view to watch nature wreak havoc on the Rockies. Truly awesome. So this was by far my strangest day ever in Vegas! And it sure felt good to not drive. Thanks for stopping by.

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