Friday, April 8, 2011

On the Road Again

(me and Willie)

Today I waved goodbye to Pacific Grove, Asilomar, the quilters, the beautiful grounds and the deer. I took one last spin around Pacific Grove, then through Monterey then hit the road for California points-south. I didn't travel far - just a couple of hours to Paso Robles.

Since I left Pacific Grove so early, I passed by Paso Robles and went a little further south to San Luis (please pronounce the "s") Obispo. Wow. Again with the beautiful scenery!!!! I have to admit that, for my personal eye-candy appeal, I will be hard-pressed to find anything more beautiful than California. I easily understand why people flock here. The issue, of course, is the price of housing. Yeow! The tiny (TINY!! maybe 700 sq. feet) houses in Pacific Grove go for about $800,000. But there's nothing like the natural landscape I've seen here.

Today I was driving through farms - tomatoes, asparagus, and artichokes. Here are all these (flat) farms - acres and acres and acres! - with mountains on either side. It's eerie! Flat land, then up crops a mountain. I'm still in lush mountains - their color is unbelievable! Like a well-groomed golf course, only natural. Everything looks almost manicured, yet it's just .... there. Sooo beautiful!!!

I also went through lots of vineyards, and am in the midst of vineyard country here. Lots of places to stop and taste wine, but .... I'm the designated driver! :-) Instead I stopped at a charming little cheese shop in Paso Robles and got dinner - some brie, some salami, and a hunk of bread. (There was a bakery attached but I resisted.)

I stopped at " the Adobe" in San Luis Obispo. WONDERFUL stuff! There goes more on the credit card! I got some yarn that is local (to SLO) - beautiful stuff! It doesn't have a purpose yet - but it's in my car, ready for it's road trip to F.L.A. I also stopped at Birch - a quilt shop in Paso Robles. Only 2 pieces HAD to come home with me. I think I might be done shopping now. (Just kidding)

I'm sort of laying back here in California for an extra day. Turns out I can miss the snow and take Route 66 home if I just lag back a day; I can do that! I'm looking forward to those kicks!!

So, I'm back on the road, headed back to where the sun rises over the ocean - and where it's probably 30 - 40 degrees warmer. I'm taking my time and will fill you in each day at the end of my travels. I'm really going to miss Pacific Grove.

Thanks for stopping by!

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