Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wednesday - Houston TX to Mobile AL

The landscape is green and flat. Familiar. YAY! I must be close to home!

I passed mile marker 880 in Texas then shouted with joy at the "Welcome to Louisiana / Bienvenue en Louisiane" sign. Not that Texas was awful (although parts of it were); just that I'm sure i-10 is the longest route possible across that state! My trip is 2700 miles - that means Texas is 1/3 of the trip!!! Holy cow! That says something, doesn't it?

It was an uneventful day except for the traffic. Started with a wreck on I10 in Houston - right off the bat! There was a hotel fire in ... New Orleans? ... that caused a back up, forest fires in southern Mississippi. Driving home through these southern states looks just like home. Lots of green. What's interesting, though, is how my eyes get tired here, but not in the western states. I think it's because in the western states, I can see for miles (so my eyes are constantly adjusting to different differences) but here it's tunnel vision (with the trees making the road a tunnel). I have to stop more often now to readjust my eyeballs. Ah well... it's good to stop & walk around & recirculate the blood parts. :-)

Again I crossed the Mighty Mississippi and had the same feeling of "definition". Big Muddy is certainly an appropriate nickname for this river!

I went to the Marriott site last night to book a room for tonight. I never know what the place will look like, so I sure was surprised at the elegance and class of this hotel! The reservation dude tried to talk me out of it but I picked it because it's right off I-10. I think it's perfectly appropo that I landed in this room tonight! I used my Marriott points so I'm staying for free. Downtown Mobile, overlooking lots of water (Mobile River and Mobile Bay, if I've googled correctly!!). The room is awesome! Not quite as awesome as the Encore in Vegas, but close. Fitting for my last night on the road, don't you think? :-) Here's the view:

(Mobile convention center, across the street)

That's more water out past those white buildings

Soooo glad I didn't listen to the reservation dude!

So tomorrow I should make it home. It's been terrific but .... click... click ... there's no place like home!!!!!

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