Monday, March 21, 2011

Asilomar MLWeidman Day 1

I confess to falling asleep in the 7:15 pm program last night. Thankfully I didn't snore.

The drive from Kathy's to Pacific Grove was beautiful.

Lawrence got me right here with no hiccups. There simply aren't enough words to describe the beauty out here. SOOOOOO different from Florida (which, of course, has it's own beauty!) We had introductions yesterday afternoon - but I was also introduced to a deer. A very pregnant deer. She was having a little snack on the grass by the path to my room. The deer here must be used to people; she just kept eating, not caring at all that I was there.

I walked down to the beach when I got here so I could get the full feel of the environment. It's quite "retreatful" here; no TV, no phones, right on the ocean. There's lots of conservation here in California and these grounds are right there with the program. There are some great fallen trees that I'll photograph & post.

We took a field trip to Back Porch Fabrics this afternoon to discuss color choices. There was a Farmer's Market, and a great funky gift shop. The nice lady - Judy - that I was riding with lives here in Pacific Grove so on the way back to the conference, she took us on the scenic route. I didn't have my camera but there sure were lots of great opportunities for pics! That drive convinced me to stay close to this area during my 3-day break (between classes 2 & 3). There's a lot to explore, just around here.

The beaches are so rocky! It's as if the Rocky Mountains don't quite know where to stop. There's a great spot where the waves were crashing high over the rocks; I'll definitely get some pics of that next time I venture out.

Today's class was about making Hoochy Mama blocks - how fun! I did take lots of pics and will post them separately. We also learned a lot about color and why white is not our friend. I spent my day cutting so my design wall is still empty but you can expect more from me tomorrow!!

Meanwhile - off to the next activity! Thanks for stopping by!

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