Monday, April 11, 2011

Monday - Willcox, AZ to Fort Stockton, TX

Leaping time zones, Lizzie! I began the day in Pacific time and am ending it in Central.

Let me tell you about the southern route (I-10) home: don't do it. Yeow it is desolate! Very mountainous in a desert sort of way. Brown and dry. Makes me think how hot it must be if you made that trip in the summer months. Ugh! The good thing is that the speed limit was 75 in AZ and NM, then 80 in TX; I was able to go 460 miles today. (Told you that homing beacon kicked in!!)

I did take some pics of Las Cruces NM, from the rest stop - great view! - but the camera is in the car (oops) and I'm in my PJs. I'll update the blog with pics tomorrow night.

(Updated: the view of Las Cruces from the rest stop)

Dang! AGAIN!!! ... or .... are they referring to the truck drivers??????

Not much to say today - vast, brown, nothingness. I was excited to see power lines! I thought maybe I was finally reaching civilization again! (I was). OH! I did get harassed by some guy on the highway today. Not sure what his issue was - just crazy I think. He harassed me - stopping me from passing, beeping his horn, flashing lights, windshield wipers, giving me multiple birds. Finally I called the cops. I think since I totally ignored him, he picked another victim. I stayed close to a service truck, and the other person he was harassing just floored it to about 100 and let the harasser eat dust. Shortly thereafter we all got stopped by the border patrol so who knows what happened to the jerk? What a nut job.

I was real glad to get away from the border with Mexico, considering all that goes on these days. I was a little creeped out being so close! Also - El Paso is one ugly city! EEEEE yuck! Hopefully tomorrow I'll see something green!!!

Updated: this dude overlooks Las Cruces all the time. He's kinda awesome.

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  1. Some wonderful quilt shops in Las Cruces! It will be great to have you "home!" I hope you have had a great time.

    I remember the road runner. We used to do some shopping in Las Cruces. Be careful tomorrow!


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