Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sunday - Barstow CA to Willcox AZ

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Snow in Flagstaff. Snow at the Grand Canyon. I'm heading south!!!!!! I decided to head toward I-10 to avoid the snow. The route took me through bee-u-tee-ful Palm Springs, CA. Snow on the mountains, beautiful weather on the road. No wonder people want to live there. (Palm Springs makes me think of Johnny Carson). The mountains are much browner now; not the lush green that was prevalent toward the coast. Right outside of Palm Springs is another ginormous windmill farm (I think the proper term is wind turbine??). They are really something! We should have them in Florida!

Finally I get to I-10, but it still takes awhile to get out of California. I was beginning to wonder if I'd make it out today! I crossed into Arizona and felt like I was in the badlands. Brown, rocky, sandy mountains. Crags everywhere. I'm just sure the sands were full of scorpions and gila monsters!! BUT!!!! ... I finally saw saguaro cacti! Every shape, size, and stage of life (a dead saguaro looks quite odd, actually!) And then I saw more .... and more ... and more. It was kinda cool, actually, but definitely felt like THE BADLANDS. :-)

I drove and drove and drove till I felt like I should stop, driving almost 600 miles today. It seems that once I hit I-10, the homing beacon switched on! Suddenly, now that I'm not playing tourista on the trip home, I'm anxious to get back. I've been gone a long, long time and I miss my friends! So here I am in Willcox (wherever the hell that is) AZ, settled for the night and ready to do a little knitting. Who knows where I'll land tomorrow!!!!!!!

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