Sunday, March 6, 2011

California, Here I Come!

I think it might be a rule that you have to take a long trip very soon after you retire. It seems many of my retired friends have done so, in any case. Now it's my turn. I am Pacific coast- bound.

For my quilty friends - I will be heading to Asilomar (Empty Spools seminars) to attend 3 weeks of classes with MaryLou Weidman, Freddy Moran/Gwen Marston, and Laura Wasilowski. I'm thinking it's going to be 3 weeks of fun and my face will hurt from laughing so much. There's not a traditional piece of work to be found in any of these classes!!

For my quilty AND non-quilty friends ... what an adventure! I am driving from northeast Florida to northern California. How fun will THIS be???? (I have a big ol' bear with a hat, pillow & quilt set up in the front seat so that, at 70 MPH, it might look like I have a traveling companion.) I've decided to drive only between 300 & 350 miles per day so I can actually see some of the country as I travel. My plan is to take pictures along the way then blog each evening; that should make me feel like I'm still in touch with everyone and also get me out of the car to take pictures.

I'll be making a little detour to Vegas on the way out (hey, free nights at Wynn Encore??? Why wouldn't I go!!) then meeting up with one of my Philips-life friends (Kathy Burkle - thanks Kathy!!) in San Ramon for a couple of days before settling into the 3 weeks of classes. I figure 12 days to get out there; I should be able to see a lot of country in that time!

Asilomar has no television, no phones, is directly on the Pacific, and (I hear) is very "retreatful" (in an almost spiritual sort of way). However ... I have my mobile wifi (hopefully there will be reception there) so I can post each evening regarding the events of the day. (And I can't stand to be out of touch for too long!!)

The trip home will satisfy (ok - half-satisfy) one of my dream vacations, which is to travel Route 66 (and get some kicks). It's not all there, sadly - parts are torn up - but I'll do as much of The Mother Road as I can. I should see some REAL interesting sights along that road! (World's largest ear of corn, largest plastic hot dog, etc. I'm definitely into the kitsch!) I'll cut off in Oklahoma to head on back home and I'll take the Oklahoma-Chicago piece at another time.

I have all my fabrics pulled together and most of my clothes. I'm leaving Wednesday, so I'll spend the next two days dealing with the details of packing. I'm very excited! I hope you will post some comments here as I travel so I'll feel "in touch". Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Hey Gale - wonderful that you have a blog! My son just set one up for me, now I just have to use it!
    And there is WIFI in the main lodge at Asilomar so you can bring your laptop if you wish! Have a wonderful time. Don't forget to take the 17-mile drive in Monterrey and to visit Carmel - especially the old mission. I'm so happy for you to have this opportunity!

  2. Hi, Gale! Can't wait to follow you on your journey. Don't worry about the Oklahoma to Chicago route. There is so much construction on 66 in Oklahoma that it pretty much ruins it for you. You will be on the very best part. Lucky girl!

  3. sounds like a great trip! look forward to the pictures!!! safe journey. love you! annie wanschura


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