Friday, March 11, 2011

Shreveport, LA to Dallas TX

Look what I found in Dallas!

A really short trip today - just 181 miles. My new blogosphere BFF Dianne Springer (of Threads From My Head blog, and Quilt-in-a-Cup company) told me about the show just 2 days ago. I already had a hotel booked in Dallas sooooo ... I drove a gazillion miles to Shreveport yesterday so that I'd have an easy, quick drive to Dallas this morning. And it WAS easy (until the last 10 miles when I got stuck in construction traffic, then missed the exit for the show - but still got to the show at 11:15 Dallas time). OK here's the really synchronistic part ... that hotel room I already had booked? One block from the quilt show.

Where I stayed in Shreveport was spitting distance from Texas so probably 176 of today's miles were driven here in the Lone Star State. Again the Welcome to Texas sign was in a photographically inaccessible area. (New Rule: the welcome centers have to have a "welcome to ___" photo-op spot.)

The weather is again just ... just... BEAUTIFUL! Big blue clear skies, just a little cool ... beautiful! And lemme tell ya there are some biiiiiiiiig ranches here! I'm sure I passed one that needed a plane to get from one end to the other. Lots of steers on that one, just doing what steers do - getting fat & juicy.

I can say that I20 here in Texas is definitely not boring. There is some beautiful scenery to go along with all those South Forks I saw along the way. It's also very rolly here - and very wide-open. And so many trees - big, small, dead (I love dead trees - they're beautiful in their own way) - but not so many that you can't see the trees for the forest. I was really enjoying the drive.

Remember my sledge-hammer OMG moment on day one? Today, rolling up & down the hills, that sledge hammer was replaced by a huge grin and the realization of how awesome-wonderful-fun-exciting it is that I am taking this trip.

I met lots and lots of people at the quilt show today and have told them all my story. They were all so encouraging, and many had their own cross-country stories to tell. How fun, and I'm learning so much! I definitely need to take more pictures, though.

Here are some random thoughts I had while driving this morning.
  • There's something very oxymoronic and quizzical about a big fancy RV pulling two Harleys
  • Don't just look: SEE!!
  • There's a brownish haze hanging over the view of Texas from I20. I was trying to decide if it was oil fumes, or just Gov. Rick Perry's secessionist bull puckey.
  • How bad did Stagger Lee shoot Billy?
  • Mile marker 638!!!!! Are ya kiddin' me??????
I'm getting senior citizens discounts at all my hotel stays. There ARE good things about having lots of birthdays! Thanks for stopping by!


  1. You go, Gale! I'm sure you grabbed lots of photos at the show! You know, you could have driven our RV out there...HA! (But I don't have a Harley...:(

  2. Hey, Gale! Today was "twin day" and it has been so exciting! Envious of your visit to a quilt show. Hope you took lots of pictures!


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