Saturday, March 19, 2011

Bakersfield to San Ramon

Still more beautiful scenery on the way to Kathy's house!! The route was the rest of US58 to I5 ("the five") to I580. I've traveled a little over 2700 miles so far.

Gazillions upon gazillions of acres of almond trees, in all phases of their life - from just planted little plantlettes to toppled-over-my-fruitful-years-are-behind-me stage. What sight! There were a few vineyards thrown in just for variety, as well.

The mountains are still green, lush, beautiful! To see the almond tree orchards planted on the rolling hills is really a sight to behold! I passed a granite (mine? factory?) place that was apparently powered by the hugest windmill I ever did see! Once I got off of I5 onto 580, there were lots of windmill farms as well. It's great to see California using so much renewable energy!

Did you see the news about the Pacific Coast Highway down by Big Sur? 120 feet of it fell into the ocean.


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Oh dear. I'm definitely having 3rd, 4th & 5th thoughts about driving that thing! It will take a long, long time for them to repair the road so access from the north (where I am in relation to Big Sur) is blocked anyway. We'll see if I can work up my nerve by time-to-leave day (3 weeks from now).

Today Kathy is taking me to all the tourista spots in San Francisco, despite the fact that it is raining and cold. I'll do what I can for pics because it's really beautiful here! Remember a few posts back I wondered if the locals saw the beauty that surrounded them? Well ... Kathy thought the drive up I5 would be boring: it was anything but! It was spectacular! I told her she needed to make the drive again - this time with her eyes open! :-)

But for now we're off! Thanks for stopping by!

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