Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Vegas, Baby

It's my last few hours in Vegas. Funny thing ... I'm ready to move on. Vegas is great but a couple of days is enough.

I mentioned (in my post on the day I got here) how Vegas changes so much. It really does. Used to be you could take a short stroll down the strip & find cheap eats, a place to buy a couple of sodas, souvenirs, etc. Those days are long gone. Food is expensive as all get out. All the little cheesy joints have been bought out & turned into mega-resorts where a bottle of soda is $2.75 (if you get it yourself; $5.00 if you take the one in the room), and my "small orange juice" this morning was $8.50 (and that was in a cafeteria-style breakfast place - nothing fancy). I guess this is the price paid for staying on the strip. Like I said - this place wasn't built from winners!

Nevertheless, it's been a great rest. I appreciate the room, Mr. Wynn. The buffet is still good but much less extravagant than a year ago. The cappuccino gelato, tho, was to die for! Just two tiny scoops. My favorite thing is the tiny portions so you can taste a lot of stuff.

I've left behind more than enough to pay my room! Mr. Wynn will be pleased enough to probably send me another invite. But it's always fun. (Sorry Kathi - I haven't gone outside yet! You know what it's like once they get you inside! Especially with the two hotels connected by the Esplanade! I'll take a pic when I drive out of here tomorrow.)

Tomorrow, Bakersfield! More mountains! See you soon, Kathy!

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