Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The UFO pile

I'm spending some time each day working on the UFO pile. There are just too many ideas for traditional "recipe" quilts!! Will I ever catch up? I want to make them ALL!! I've decided to allocate time each day to both the "backlog" (UFO pile) and the new stuff. It seems my life is spent in a constant state of "something else first" so I'm going to give "new stuff" it's own time allocation to see if that helps me do some of the stuff that's in my brain.

I made the backing for the "green typewriter" top - thought I had a pic but no, so will take one & post later. I also started sewing the blocks for an aqua cheech with wonkified batik mini-panels added. The blocks had been made for quite some time. It's actually quite pretty & soft. I like the contrast of the panel blocks but am already wondering about borders. (I don't tend to buy a "quilt kit" all at once; I tend to pull from my stash & make things work. When I have a bunch of bolts piled up on the counter at the quilt shop, people invariably ask "what are you going to make with that" .... and I always answer "a pile of fabric and it's almost done!") I also worked on small-art blanks last night (chair work!!) I have so many blanks now! When will I do something else?

It's as great as I thought it would be to simply open the cabinet door and pick a project to work on!

I gave away 25 quilts this year. Whew! Many were planned gifts but others were "collection thinning". I don't tend to make quilts for people; I make quilts because I want to make the quilt. The retirement quilts were an exception, but the other 14 were put in my car, driven to a family gathering, and as each person arrived they picked a quilt to take with them. That was such fun!! A quilt doesn't have to have any purpose other than being something you want to make. Eventually it will settle into it's place in the universe.

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  1. What a lovely philosophy you have! I love the idea of just making what you are inspired to make - then letting it find its own way in the universe!

    Your generosity will surely come back to you!
    Happy New Year!


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