Wednesday, November 7, 2012

What a (great) day!

I slugged most of the day. (Translation: I didn't go for my walk. Full disclosure: I did 10 miles yesterday afternoon - I can skip a day!) I sewed, watched MSNBC all day for post-election analysis, and pretty much enjoyed not having any more angst about the election.

I'm still sewing blocks - any ol' blocks that have been cut and will need to be sewn.  Here's today's batch:

simple blocks for the "5 & 10" pattern

The first of 6 different blocks for the next design-your-own pattern

I'm getting quite a pile of blocks done. One of these days I'll get in the mood to do rows and columns, then Katie bar the door!

We're getting a nice blast of cooler weather. I don't have to totally close the windows yet - but it's definitely cooler. Yay!

Here's to no more political ads for awhile! (klink-clink-klink)

Thanks for stopping by.

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