Thursday, November 15, 2012

Design-your-own Blocks Finished

The last of the title blocks - the double-4-patches - are finished. They are soooo pink-and-gray in this pic, but they are purple and pale blue.

Another set of blocks done. Seriously - I need to start putting them together soon.

I've started sewing the Prisma together, but not before making 2 more strata sets (I needed more green). It's fun to be working on a simple project and a complex project at the same time: I don't get bored.

Here are the first pics of adding-to-the-stash that occurred during the impromptu shop-hop:

Yummy stuff, indeed! Is that all of it? HAHAHAHAHA!!! Heck no.

A few more pics from the quilt show:
Adorable skirt made from selvedges. Hanging in the Hoffman Challenge.

 Love the positive/negative of this one

Wait till you see the close ups of THIS one!

 Yep ... the whole thing is beaded. She like it so much she made it twice! Autumn and Spring.

I'm no photographer, but at least you get some sense of the workmanship in these quilts. Fabulous!! Still more to come on another day.

Thanks for stopping by.

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